Advantages of Using CAD-CAM in Manufacturing

Industrial Tools

1. Increase Programming Potential.

cnc-controllerBy adding CAD-CAM software to your CNC toolkit, you can open up possibilities for your business that may not have been there before. An example of this is gaining the ability to take on harder, more complex 3 Axis machining jobs. CAD-CAM can help a shop manage and create toolpath and NC programs for complex machining projects such as mold work. These types of jobs are next to impossible to calculate by hand or even through using machine canned cycles. A CAD-CAM system completely automates the process.

2. Makes You More Accessible by Clients.

cad-part-modelBy having a CAD-CAM software product in your shop, you can receive CAD models from clients faster and easier than ever before. You will be able to open CAD files easily, setup the toolpath for machining and perform simulations that provide valuable information for you in the quoting process such as the calculation of cycle times. Manufacturing can deliver products to market faster and more affordable than ever before. This has a lot to do with technological advancements in CNC machining and in CAD-CAM software. The software allows users to design faster, manage projects, test and simulate as well as machine faster than ever.

3. Improved Control Over Job Programming.

cam-tree-job-managerModern CAD-CAM functionality includes a CAM Tree Manager that allows you to track the job from beginning to end. You have full control over post processing, stock, work coordinates, material and tooling as well as access to machining operations that determine how the part will be machined as well as the output of the NC Program. The CAM Tree has many built in benefits such as saving and loading machining templates, copying and pasting machining operations, reordering how the job is sequenced, toolpath associativity so that if a CAD edit is made to the part, all of the toolpaths are updated and much more. Higher control capabilities lead to perfectly finished parts being completed faster.

4. Machining Wizards Remove The Guesswork.

cam-machining-wizardCAD-CAM provides the automation required to maximize programming efficiency. Machining wizards remove the guesswork from programming as they step the operator through the process of setting cutting depths, selecting tools, choosing toolpath styles, managing cutter lead-ins and lead-outs, choosing compensation settings as well as many other important parameters that have to do with creating machine toolpath. Wizards allow new programmers to be successful faster while still providing advanced programmers with the utilities and confidence to program error free parts regardless of their complexity.

5. Getting The Most Out of Your CNC Machine Tool.

high-speed-machine-toolpathCAD-CAM software provides high-speed machine toolpaths that deliver a host of benefits that all equal up to reduced cycle times, less tool wear and a reduction in machine wear and tear over the long term. High-speed toolpaths allow you to improve the quality of cutting by eliminating the stop and go actions that traditional offset toolpath creates. The rounded more circular cutting motions at higher speeds allow a constant tool engagement with the material, deeper cuts and the ability to use more of the cutting tool itself.
High speed machining can improve CNC machine productivity by as much as 50%.

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